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Carnewal GT Exhaust - Upgrade System reviews and testimonials

Carnewal GT Exhaust - Upgrade System

Posted by SimonK on the 911UK forum,  but since there was too much positive reaction, the thread was removed by the admins.

Post subject: Just had RSR's fitted......awesome sound
Having been thinking about getting a sports exhaust for my C2 for a while, thinking my standard one was just toooooooo quiet. I started to do some research into my options

Having looked around at the prices of new, cheapest i could find was about £570 (a Milltek unit) which was not too bad, but as my car is a weekend toy and not doing much mileage. I did not really want to spend that much and thought about sourcing a 2nd hand one, contacting several Porsche breakers etc but with no luck.

I posted on the 911 forum hopefully looking for a 2nd hand one on here but was told they are as rare as rocking horse sh*t. However, a good tip was recieved, I was told about the RSR back boxes offered by Carnewal (based in Belgium), which is basically an 'exchange' system for your own back boxes for the modified ones, supplied by them.

I contacted Gert Carnewal who could not have been more helpful. He quoted me 400 Euros to have it supplied and fitted in Belgium or 650 Euros to be sent one by courier, 250 Euro's is refunded once you return your units, you are given 3 weeks to fit the new ones and return yours, the condition of your own units is taken into account when refunding.

having thought about it for a while and weighed up the costs, I thought it would work out too expensive. However, I remembered that the Sun newspaper was doing cheap trips to France so went on their website to check. Having found I could get a return crossing with the car and er' indoors for £24 return, it started to sound more attractive, especially as i could do a wine run to stock up for xmas as well.

I called Gert and asked if he could fit it on a Saturday, no problem, he could do it anytime, weekends included, so I booked myself in and had it fitted yesterday. I have to say that it was a most enjoyable experience, I arrived at gerts place in Markedaal, (not far from Ghent), put the car on the ramp and Gert's wife took us to their guest apartment at their house where coffee and cake was supplied in the lounge (they had even put the heating on especially for us). Gert gave me a pile of Porsche mags to read and said to make myself comfortable for an hour and a half whilst he fitted it for me. True to his word, that is all it took.

We then went back down to the garage where i fired the car up and it sounded well Gert told me that it was only performing at about 70% and I would need to drive it for about 60 miles for the ECu's to work out the flow was faster, and then it wouild sound even better. Whilst I was overjoyed at getting the sound I wanted from my car, it was also a nice surprise to see Gerts pride and joy, a shiny Black 993 C4S with only 9k KM's on the clock, it looked and smelt (the interior leather) like a brand new car - worth the trip alone to see this beauty

On the way back, I opened it up on the motorway stretches to test for the 'droning' noise in the cabin that someone said they had experienced, but there was nothing, just that lovely deep sound that i was looking for.

Having called in on the way back to stock up on the wine, the exhaust was now singing, hearing that beautiful howl whilst accelerating away from the booth at the P&O check in across the departure apron at Calais port, brought admiring glances from a group of people standing by one of the coaches and also gave me the biggest smile of the weekend.

Having worked out the total cost of our little adventure, the breakdown is as follows

RSR's £377.00
Ferry £24.00
Fuel £70.00
TOTAL £471.00

This gave me a saving of around £100 over the Milltek, and a bonus was that we had a great time in France and Belgium, stocked up on the wine and cheese and gave the Porsche a nice long run. Also, to meet Gert was excellent, he really is a great guy and did a superb job. I cannot reccommend Carnewal highly enough

Anyone thinking of getting a sports sound at a good price should consider the Carnewal / RSR route. Of course, you do not need to go to Belgium, but it was a great day out